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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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going on back east it's sporadic designed to have solar to run their emergency need as well as back up power. i think it's a marvelous thing >> comments. >> one thing i want to say is, you know, before we go to public comment. you heard from commissioner josefowitz this is something that's kind of like a pulse trying to figure out how to get it right you start with environmental community and start with that spirit how do you partnership with labor and development heads. so there's a path to do that.
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i think one of the things to do with this colleagues have couple ideas we're not taking action but this is right before the meeting commissioner josefowitz was even able to provide further elaboration. we've got those roles we're not taking action but we'll take the comments. one of the comments is nick commissioner josefowitz highlighted really specifically it's duo due to a number of reasons a the workers are on site b the ascertain it less and it's more cost effective.
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this is why you can create affordability and maybe potentially when there are alternatives to building liquor it makes financial sent. the pace program someone talks about homeland security and people who are making commitments to the workforce and folks who are looking at the installation community. there's a value here. and just based on some kind of brainstorm as we bring this to those the community for discussion is there ways to incentive vices people and maybe the ability to get as much solar as we can in san francisco and brass it and make it happen and make it the san francisco way. one of the considerations again
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i'm going to ask monica she's the expert and the city attorney. i don't know if we have to move to accept the amendments into the draft for not necessary city attorney can we defer this this is another document and the last edition to the resolution in your packet we said hey why not bring together the stakeholders, you know, builder and labor and city departments and make this ree really, really successful. we talked about maybe we explored phenomenal the new residential not the new commercial but maybe the existing why not take advantage of the opportunity to do the accelerator so we added that
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potentially right looking at existing buildings. i don't know if i had to finder all that stuff but maybe save than sorry. i only read those things from the changes for the folks and there's copies. but this will probably change from what we hear from folks. okay sxhois said let's hear from the public >> i'm sorry. carney support 1 hundred and 18 unit in the heights.
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the rental assistant to address the area of the renovation should be done. we put $4 million in our site but they won't do the solar for us. they pushed it to the housing authority that led them to the big picture is important and advantageous for everyone. thank you >> (clapping) >> all right. any other members of the public all right. seeing none, thank you, everyone we'll take that feedback. is this was folks want to do to keep going on this conversation maybe a yes or no. dr. jackson.
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we'll get there >> thanks everybody. monica. the approval the draft resolution supporting a ban on the butter flies in our packet is a draft resolution and support for the butter flies and this is a constitution and action item >> thank you several months ago some members of the community came before the policymakers and we didn't mention we have two comedies one operations committee and a policy committee we make recommendations to the full commission. your very much welcome to come to those meetings. people were concerned about a practice in san francisco they
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found to be against our nature world and against our ability to help the national world in understanding better that's the release of butter flies that are artifically made capita active and let go in a place of residence authenticity not familiar to them and this seem like to be consistent with our policy. we want to make sure that children can 1y50i the environment and make sure we understand what our land was like when you natives arrived here. but anyway, it seem like this practice was against that policy and we decided to provide a
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little bit more specific of a policy framework for our staff to work with to end this practice. i want porter to come and it's my privilege to introduce peter he's the senior advocate within the environment commission. greetings. thanks sxhois and thanks the the members of the public staying so late to hear the rest of the agenda tonight. i was hired about a i don't know at the environment commission before t before the entire city. open above the nature in our nature areas in san francisco the environment commission has
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never had a program with respect to our nature environment so i want to say we're pitting the nature in environment. beef heard a lot from the environment and the department has a from record and so, now we're going to add in the nature assignment to what the department does and thread that with the work in the community. i know that andy is w0r7bd how to work together but i'm looking forward to working here. i can sprk speak to the nature resources in the part of the city. we have some great nature places in her. one of the thipgdz we want to do is we want to inform the public we have nature in the city and that includes right here in the community bayview hill and a
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park and 494 where i was yesterday. there's a lot great work and, of course, candle stick park to have the master plan and help with the restoration of the yosemite flew and i'm happy to hear talk about katrina and sandy. we need to be promulgating to restore our nature systems for community resiliency but also for national resiliency. it's good for nature. so i wanted to just take a couple of times to talk about some of the things bore doing. we have a whole breath of goals the mission overall is to restore the adverse and to
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connect as follows to our nearby nature. so within that we have multiple goals and collaboration it's important to interdepartmentally with all our community stakeholder. bringing nature into the urban environment and will be spoken to with respect to the next agenda item to ground floor the streetscapes through the carbon fund and, of course, educating the public about the fact we have nature in the city and a involving ourselves in policies. so within the urban framework it's my job to infiltrate the entire city to make sure that
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nature is being horde. with that brief introduction to nature in general and the program that we're just starting i wanted to move into the agenda item and so in terms of bourt flies i didn't speak to frogs and lids ashdz we still have them in the city and we want to restore them throughout we have 2 hundred and 50 species of birds in to and over 4 hundred indigenous plant. that includes 34 species of butter flies. santa fe san francisco has about that the the ban guard in the urban context.
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we have this flel listed inthat 12k5urgd butter fly and we'll had help from males and females are accountability conservatism projects we have the green hair street project that's an amazing project out in the golden gate heights but it's a neat opportunity to restore butterflies in the landscape. to the incredible story the most urban story of butter noise the tiger shallow butterflies on
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market street. it's the 4r5erg9 butterfly we've planted those are london trees along market street and this huge butterfly and it's in the financial district it's pretty amazing ecological story. we have the butterfly steroids we have the 157bd hill skiper it flies only in the as a result marches mrooish like in candle stick and then we have the smallest butterfly in north america it's the western pig me blew it used the plant on 294 and 8. there's exciting stories to promote in this neighborhood.
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and let's see what else was i going to say about butterflies. again, this is the concept of banding the commercial release of butterflies. i was intrigued i know it's consistent with what we're trying to promote. i don't think we need any more information to suggest that we necessity not role commercially brood butter floiz. the monarch is one that is released when you do that the 340r7b9 and tracking of butterflies is effected by the release of anyone acres what their breed from around the
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country. i'm basically here to provide information and answer questions but that's a pretty good overview. thanks for staying so late. i have some gifts which i'll pass out >> hello, i'm amber i'm here to talk about what happens at the breeding houses. the butterflies have a 4 stage life cycle. at breeding houses as the butterflies emerges it come out it is flaw less, you know, the colors are there it hadn't had much air they enclose in or it in sentences and chill it and
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ship it to maybe san francisco. and then at a wedding you open your envelope and if the conditions are over 60 degrees and sunny the butter floiz if not the butterfly flops. additionally if the butterflies are released that is they're coming into foreign territory and 345ir7b9 find a mate to breed with to condition the life cycle or find a plant. some breeders they're saying they're helping but we want to say their disrupting the stage
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so thank you very much (clapping.) >> sxhois we recommend this resolution be passed. it really just provide a policy framework that allows the staff to ignored with doing the research and collaborating with the stakeholders then would be subject to public comment. we're not final lifeguards anything but we're stating a policy that allows the staff to go forward and pressure the actions we need to take
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if we can before we hear from the public and other commissioners that have to his. a few of us were at the policy committee and heard the discussions. we have you urban agriculture and the engagement with the limited english speaking community a lot of community that commissioner wan works on.
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how does what's happening with the butterflies impact working class folks. i do think there's a k. i do think it's there. the few of us have spent time if anyone reads their san francisco examiner this is the story today. it was kind of brought up some important points to consider. i i know i was going to ask questions not to say we're adverse to this just walk me though how talking about a ban on the commercial farming and release and use of the butterfly impacts me. what i thought about is an idea
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that anytime you mess with mother nature it has consequences for all of united states. i think we're on to something i know as we go forward there's going to be questions to answer. i know we're talking about some potential editions on the resolution this this is american people action item we want to move forward. i think we do have to get kind of personally, i think we need to get it will help this process and create more board support in terms of someone who don't said the impact. it has an impact of climate
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change. we don't know what's happening with climate change. there's a lot of stuff we can use this is a question to staff and we kind of ignored with how we are going to do this. i think with peter we need to quantify we didn't have an answer of how much this is happening in san francisco. we know at the academy of science. i think that that the science is pretty clear folks speak it the science this is a scientific reality. so we' so we're looking at the offer lap especially in the regulating agrees we are going to need help
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and some kind of data and assistance if the goal is to address folks are going to what-do-you-call-it - there's a word called mail >> stamps. they're doing sentences with butterflies in it. i think it's important this is a process. i think 20e7b9d we're setting a process we're going to need some board support. and i think we can get there. this is a stationmaster of doing that. so i support with sxhoits is doing but, of course, we want to hear from the public first unless there's any more comments
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from the commission >> you know sometimes it's not what you do but how you do it. i like to finish it if wasn't for the restocking of those reservoirs you wouldn't be able to fish in some of those places. as a kid i'm a bonus lover so i'm the kind of person you know don't kill it i'll take it outside. i literally have a photo of pictures of bugs. yeah, we know do that but there is really whatever is going on in our environment whatever the situation is with butter flidz i remember as a kid just lots and lots of butter flidz i don't see that in the urban escapes.
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i'm curious about how replanting things. i like the idea of bringing bugs species but i'm curious about the restocking and how it could be more vially done. i'm curious so some point in time it's not what you're doing but how you're doing commissioner gravanis >> sometimes, it's a scientific way of looking at the why it's disappearing and if the habitat
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is disappearing we want to know. the first thing to do was to find out what was going wrong and they determined the very important plant that those butterflies need was disappearing for different causes. to so you need to know to fix the habitat the butterflies will show up on their own but if the distance is too far you might have to import them. people know how to collect the eggs from the donating you sites know what weather conditions to do them & 340r7b9 to do the
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restocking so exactly commissioner king hit the nail on the head it's a way to do it that's respectful and a shotgun approach that doesn't work >> and colleagues, can we hear from the members of the public who want to comment, please. >> you know i've been a in the development commission and i've never seen this many of people stay this long (laughter). >> i know i'm glad you brought up about bayview hill. but the mentioned and it caught my ear you menthsdz candle stick candle stick park was a garbage
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dump it's a the toxic area when i hear about yosemite slough not a lot of people are aware that was stated earlier about all the intoxication i understand that were thrown there it's the area of the intoxication i understand that are in the air killing bugs but in my bieshgd i've got beautiful butter flies but you need to be carefully about areas you want to make a habitat area it might not be a good area. water needs to be tempered and it's very incentive we cannot finish here anymore signs now do not eat the finish.
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sail boats can only reside so many days overturn the year because of the intoxication i understand in the water. i'm 2k3w4r5d i've got solar everybody's looking and be very, very careful to say well, we're going to make in back again, it of the never there i'm 40-years old i know the area. i was running around a kid out here doing things (clapping.) >> i have a speaker card for mr. o'brien. >> commissioners thank you very much what on exciting conversation already on this
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tactic thanks the the examiner my day was wrecked with you it's thrilling to be here in the bayview with my serving. i actually on that hill i have a butterfly that is now an earning disregard butterfly. the bayview has been pulled into the recovery plan it's troiblgd to a hilltop the department pulls in a non-native san franciscan butterfly to our habitat. most of our butterflies didn't choose the neighborhoods they sort of pulled up. i want to also role - i want you